Safeguarding business and the economy

Among the Firm’s major areas of activity is the pre-bankruptcy process for rescuing companies and bankruptcy proceedings, which are effectively and promptly completed, securing a second chance for the country’s economic development.

Jure has extensive, specialized expertise to undertake any business rescue challenge providing comprehensive legal support to our clients, both in restructuring obligations and reorganization.

Legal assistance for credit institutions & individuals

Jure offers valuable know-how in the special liquidation process of credit institutions gained from our extensive experience in multifaceted advisory and judicial roles in this area.

The Firm also offers exceptional capabilities for handling cases of individual financial problems under the relevant Code of Conduct of the Bank of Greece and additionally outside of it. Moreover, our specialized team is highly competent in individual bankruptcy issues, both at an advisory level, with services for the clarification and interpretation of provisions under Law 3869/2010, as they are amended and  applied by the competent Courts, as well as at the judicial level.

Οur Firm has contributed to the formulation and modernization of relevant laws (such as Law 4307/2014, Law 3869/2010 and the New Bankruptcy Code), as well as the formation of relevant case law.