Ensuring compliance with regulatory legislation

Personal data protection is a primary issue for businesses across sectors to establish a trusted market profile and secure customer information.

Jure has many years of experience in the highly relevant area of personal data protection. We offer specialized legal support to our clients for compliance with the rules and directives comprising the legal framework on personal data protection, as well as representation before the Personal Data Protection Authority and the Civil and Criminal Courts.

Solid support through comprehensive services

In addition to implementing the relevant legal framework, we support our clients through a wide range of services, including the undertaking of GDPR compliance projects, the writing, formulation, review and control of personal data processing policies and procedures, the provision of DPO services, and the preparation, control and modernization of contracts related to the processing of personal data.

In the forefront with legal advice, representation & training

Jure’s expanded services include a sphere of comprehensive support, including  management of personal data breach incidents, provision of opinions on matters relating to the processing of personal data, cooperation and communication with the Personal Data Protection Authority, as well as the creation of training materials and training seminars on the regulatory framework for personal data protection.